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Canadian tax residents and non-residents living abroad

Veda provides the following accounting, tax, and advisory services:

  • Personal Tax Returns For Canadian Residents
    • Tax compliance services
    • Tax planning and elections filing
    • Foreign reporting for disclosing and reporting foreign income, assets, and foreign affiliates
    • Unincorporated business tax reporting
    • Bookkeeping for unincorporated businesses
    • Rental business tax reporting
    • GST/HST and PST filing
  • Personal Tax Returns For Canadian Non-Residents
    • Canadian income tax reporting and compliance
    • Reporting on rental operations
    • Reporting/compliance on disposition of real estate properties
  • Other Advisory Services
    • Residency issues
    • Preparation of immigrating/returning to Canada
    • Preparation of emigrating from Canada
    • Real estate acquisitions and dispositions
    • Estate planning
    • Real estate acquisitions/dispositions
    • RRSP/TFSA contributions planning
    • Salary/dividends planning

Veda Expertise

There are many things to consider when it comes to foreign tax reporting. We can help. At Veda, we specialize in working with Canadian tax residents and non-residents that require foreign reporting on their tax returns to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Our specialties are in dealing with residency and foreign reporting issues.

Foreign Tax Reporting for Individuals

foreign tax accounting
  • Planning before immigrating to Canada
  • Tax compliance for residents filing their first tax returns since returning/immigrating to Canada
  • Tax reporting for residents owning foreign properties
  • Tax reporting for non-residents earning income in Canada

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